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Safe Driving Tips

Safe driving is a basic skill for a driver, and it is very important. If everyone in the world can keep this in mind, our world will be more amicable.

To be an experienced driver and drive more safely, remember to do the following tips as below:

1. Remember to avoid excessive speed of your car engine. Do not drive too fast when you are driving in downhill. The engine is easy to speed up. Pay attention to the diesel engine, do not run for a long time in the idle condition.

2. If there is some abnormal sound and smell during driving, stop your car and check the reasons.

3. If you find some abnormal phenomenon of the light or dashboard, you must stop to check and find out the reasons that lead to the unusual phenomenon.

4. Remember to avoid unnecessary acceleration and sudden brakes.

5. Do not take rest with your foot laying on the clutch pedal. That will result in partial separation, and cause premature wear of clutch friction lining.

6. When drive up to the mountain, you have to put in low gear to get to your driveway, which is barely wide enough for one car and ends at a steep drop-off. That will avoid the overloading of the engine.

7. When vehicles are driven through the shallow rivers or pools, Pay attention to the water when driving, it may enter into the vent-pipe, and cause serious damage of the engine. When you drive through the river or puddle, you should check the rear axle, whether the transmission gear oil is mixed in water. If the water is injected, remove the water and inject the specified engine oil.

8. When driving in heavy rain or through the shallow river, you must be especially careful, because the wet brake system will force a temporary weakening.

9. Make full use of your car rear view mirror when you are reversing, they can help you a lot.

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