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Protecting Your Vehicle When You Need To Carry Tools and Materials

If you are not a professional in the construction or engineering trade, but you do like to do a bit of DIY, you may be a little concerned about carrying clunky things like tools and building materials around in your usual car or truck. These can be heavy, large items with all kinds of edges that you may worry might cause dents or scratch your vehicle while you drive them home, or which could damage your upholstery irreparably. If you need to ready your car or truck for shipping around bulky tools or materials for your DIY projects, or even just for moving or bringing home furniture, it can be a very good idea to put some protective measures in place to stop potential damage or wear and tear. Here are some tips:

Use Protection

One of the first things to do is make sure you can put down a protective barrier between the things you are carrying and the car’s interior. You can buy sturdy protectors for things like car seats, the floor of the car, or, if you have a truck, even something like a specific DIY truck bed liner. This can not only stop edges from things like a toolbox or wooden pieces from grazing your interior, but can also stop rust or dirt from materials getting into hard to clean parts of your car. They are designed to be robust, easy to put in and take out, and easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about those details either – when you are finished transporting your tools and materials you can just remove the protective lining or mats and your car will be back to its usual state.

Carrying Tools All the Time

It is said that if you keep the right stuff in your car or truck, you can basically live out of it if you need to! If you travel around, for example if you have a second home where you often do DIY, you may want to have a set of tools you keep in your car permanently. You may also, for example if you live somewhere with harsh winters, need to keep things like tools and a first aid kit in your car in case of emergencies. While things like these can pose the same risk of damage as carrying tools as a one off, you probably don’t want to keep your car permanently wrapped in protective gear, so you don’t get to enjoy the look of its interior. In this case, consider using a tool bag rather than a tool box, as it is softer and lighter without sharp edges, and make sure you always secure things so they don’t shift around too much as you drive (the main cause of damage by objects in a vehicle).

Your car can double as a pack horse for carrying all kinds of things without sustaining any damage if you prepare for these situations carefully!

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