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Mercedes-Benz EQC enters Stockholm

Its unveiling had already been announced with great fanfare, but now it’s done: Mercedes-Benz has just lifted the veil – in Stockholm, Sweden – on its very first full electric SUV, the EQC, a model that should arrive on our roads by the middle of next year.

In the front, the shield is distinguished by the absence of a traditional grid, while the rear portion introduces the electric signature of the brand. Then, there are all those details painted blue on the outside that give this vehicle a unique look. At first glance, the newcomer’s design is reminiscent of the GLC, a SUV with similar curves.

However, this is where the comparisons stop because EQC is different at all levels, starting with its powertrain. Since this is an electric model, the EQC is equipped with two engines – one per axle – delivering a combined power of 300 kW (or 408 horsepower). Of course, having an engine by axle gives the vehicle a complete wheel.

But, what matters for the users of electric vehicles is the autonomy between refills. For the moment, Mercedes-Benz talks about an estimated distance of 450 km on the European cycle. We will see when the North American organizations take possession of the new model. This autonomy may well diminish somewhat at home.

Inside, the presence of this large touch screen confirms the presence of the MBUX system, but in this case, several applications unique to the EQC model are integrated for the first time into a Mercedes-Benz model. The designers also sought to differentiate the model through an exclusive dashboard, at least at the level of ventilation nozzles since several orders are borrowed from gasoline models of the brand. Mercedes-Benz is the first German manufacturer to tackle the Tesla Model X. Later this month, Audi will launch the e-tron, another fully electric SUV. As for BMW, it is already clear that the presentation of the iX3 earlier this year announces the arrival of the brand in the electric arena soon.

Should you buy a Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2019?

Mercedes-Benz is doing some housekeeping this year at the entrance of its range by replacing the B-Class with the new A-Class. In Europe, the 2019 A-Class is simply a new generation, but for the consumers here, it’s is a brand new model that will be offered in the form of sedan or hatchback. We already had the chance to drive the Class A sedan in anticipation of its release in November and you can read the full test here .

The question that many potential buyers may have at this stage is: how does the new A-class compare to the B-class? Or, will you need to compromise on features and luxury, as it is now the entry-level model of Benz? If you are thinking of buying a Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2019, here is what you need to know.

Why you should buy a Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2019

At the design level, it’s a success all the way. His style is refined, but also aggressive and sporty. There is not a bad angle or something wrong with the proportions on this car. Everything is perfect. It is true that we only saw the high-end models tastefully decorated AMG fireworks, but still. The Class A is simply a nice car.

There is an exclusive technology in Class A in the form of the MBUX or Mercedes-Benz User Experience system . It is essentially a SIRI or Google Assistant designed by MB and integrated into the two central screens of class A. By using the “Hey, Mercedes” voice command, you are connected to the car and can ask it to lower the indoor car cover temperature, change the radio station or call a contact in your phone. Many cars have voice control, but this is much more advanced and has artificial intelligence elements that adapt to the driver’s preferences over time.

There are 221 horses under the hood, which is more than the current CLA. Class A offers exceptional performance for everyday driving situations. It’s not too much, just enough to accelerate and exceed with confidence.

Like the exterior design, the interior is very impressive. You do not feel as if you are driving an entry-level vehicle, as is the case in the B-Class or the CLA, the Audi A3 or the BMW 2 Series. The cabin is inspired by the Class E and S Class, and is simply beautiful.

We talked about performances, now talk about comfort. Class A is far from the B-Class in terms of quietness of ride and smoothness on the road. It is solid and planted on the road, and the driver quickly falls in love with the general feeling of confidence he gets from the car.

Why you should not buy a Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2019

It feels more cramped on the inside compared to the B-Class. Class A style translates into less headroom and less cargo space. There is only 370 liters of cargo space in the trunk, compared with 488 liters for the outgoing B-Class. The fact that it is a hatchback does not translate into great versatility. That said, it’s better than the GLI and certainly the Audi A3 and BMW 2 Series.

Mercedes-Benz made a lot of noise about the MBUX and the system is actually pretty cool, but in the end, you will probably end up manually changing what needs to be changed. Voice commands do not always work as expected. We usually expect it, but if you are sold with the idea that MBUX allows you to have conversations with your car without difficulty, you may be a little disappointed.

This is theoretical because we do not have all the price information yet, but you will not want to buy a Class A if the high-end models reach $ 45,000 or $ 50,000. The entry-level model is expected to cost about $ 35,000, which is very beneficial, but it will be a pull model. If Mercedes-Benz does not offer 4Matic until you have exceeded $ 40,000, then you will want to make sure you get enough for your money.

At this point, it is really hard not to recommend the purchase of the A-Class over the Audi A3, the BMW 2 Series, the Volkswagen GLI or any comparable model. I would even wait for the Mercedes-Benz before buying a fully equipped Honda Civic Hatchback or a Mazda3 Sport. For once, a luxury German automaker has not cut corners with its entry-level model.

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