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Four More Good Driving Tips


Smoking whilst you are driving is a no, no.

It is definitely a very bad idea to smoke when you are driving. You may drop the cigarette onto your lap, or if you have the window open, a spark from the cigarette may blow into your face. When something like that happens all your concentration momentarily goes from your driving to the problem at hand; quite easily resulting in an accident. If you feel you really have to have that smoke, stop the car, park somewhere safe and then continue your journey when you have finished your cigarette.

Know when to stop talking.

Chatting whilst you are driving, particularly in difficult traffic conditions, should cease. Under these conditions you need your total concentration focused on your driving and what is going on around you, so stop talking for the moment and politely ask others to stop talking to you as well until it is safe to talk again. That way, you will avoid accidents. This also applies to chatting to someone on a mobile phone. If it’s a hand held mobile phone you shouldn’t be doing that anyway. It’s illegal!

About parking your car.

Always park your car facing the way of traffic. So many people ignore this rule and park the other way round. With your driving seat nearest the kerb, if there are other cars parked both in front and of the rear of you, you cannot get a clear view of oncoming and upcoming traffic, so there is the danger that you may pull out in front of an oncoming vehicle, either blocking its path or even worse, colliding with it. Don’t be one of those who park this way. Your driving instructor will explain this to you more fully.

Exceeding the speed limit.

There are some places that you may feel that the speed limit has been set too low. Sometimes the road planners realize this themselves and eventually will update the limit. Nevertheless, always drive within that limit, even if you feel it is too low and nearly everyone else is careering past you. They’re the ones who will eventually get a speeding ticket, not you! Really, it will add very little to your journey time. Most likely you will be sitting alongside them at the next set of traffic lights anyway. Your driving instructor will almost certainly confirm that fact.

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