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Defensive Driving Tips And Techniques

Defensive driving means that the driver behind the wheel is free from any form of distractions. It is crucial that the driver give full concentration on driving. It also entails proper communication with other people on the road. Defensive driving is a significant asset to you and for other drivers because it can help you save your life at risky road circumstances and when other people who drives erratically on the road.

Blind Spots

Pay attention to drivers’ blind spots, particularly during heavy traffic on streets or roads. Again, you cannot control how other people behave on the road. In some cases, drivers may not notice their blind spots before the change lanes. Blind spots can be found in the rear and side of the cars. To secure your safety in the road it is indispensable that you maintain a safe distance between you and the next car to prevent car accidents.

Avoid Slamming The Brakes

Don’t slam on your brakes whether in traffic or coming to a stop sign. Defensive drivers know that slamming your brakes is always useless and unneeded. To avoid doing impulsive braking, maintain a two-car distance at the rear of the car in front of you. If another car follows too closely behind your vehicle, calmly but constantly step on your brakes to give the other driver a fair warning. This should capture his consciousness and give him adequate time to move back.

Stop Lights

When the traffic light turns green, many drivers impudently pick up the pace immediately. They think that green lights always means go. To ensure your safety in the road, hang for about two or three seconds before driving. You would not know if another driver dared not to stop despite the red light signal and cause an awful crash. When you are positioned behind another car at a stoplight, make certain that you can watch his tires. Failing to see it may limit your reaction time for yourself and drivers in the street.


A lot of drivers commit the error of lighting up their blinkers at the eleventh-hour. Some believe that usage of blinkers is a courtesy rather than a requirement. Let other people on the road predict your next maneuvers and moves so they can also respond suitably to your actions. Keep in mind that turn signals capture attention and you need to catch the awareness of other drivers when changing lanes. Indecisiveness to employ turn signals gives rise to collisions, panic and road rage.

Road Conditions

Knowing how to deal with the present road conditions is crucial in defensive driving. Always anticipate unexpected circumstances in the road. Reading or reviewing road signs regularly averts the incidence of collisions. But lots of drivers do not respond suitably in sudden rain shower. Slow down your pace significantly and paying heed to drivers who have not reduced speed.

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