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Automobile Preventive Maintenance: Inside and Out

Whether your car needs servicing and/or replacement of components, it is best to have it done by a professional. Professionals can check for items such as the engine condition, condition of the radiator, the air-conditioning or the heating system. They also have all the tools and components needed for any repairs or to diagnose a vehicle.

The preventive maintenance of an automobile can include, regularly checking engine performance, inspecting the critical components of the vehicle, repairing or replacing the malfunctioning objects, as the case may be, regular supply of oils and fluids so that parts keep functioning. It is obvious that preventive maintenance can cost, but in order to ensure a safe vehicle and to get away from those loads of expenses in the long run, preventive maintenance cost is the only option. As long as you desire a smooth drive and a mechanically sound car, you have to spend a little money at regular intervals. A well conditioned car can provide peace of mind and it ensures your family’s safety. Having regular preventive maintenance can also reduce unexpected to a great extent. There are common preventative maintenance tasks you can perform yourself.

BATTERY INSPECTION: You must know where your car’s battery is placed so that you can check it regularly in terms of checking the corrosion on the terminals. Much inspection is not required in vehicles with advanced batteries though because they automatically indicate through a condition indicator if there’s any problem.

CHECK THE MOTOR OIL: The motor oil should also be checked periodically. In case it is not changed oeriodically, the car may stop functioning properly. Now the question arises how does one get to know the right time for an oil change? Well, it’s simple. All you have to do is to use an oil dipstick to check the color of the oil. Dip the stick in the oil when the car is turned off and parked on a horizontal surface. Then pull out the stick and check for the oil’s color. If it is black or deep red in color, this clearly indicates you need to get the oil changed.

RESTOCK THE ANTIFREEZE: Antifreeze is the liquid form of a chemical called ethylene glycol. It is meant to be added in the radiator’s water to reduce the freezing point. As a preventive measure, this should also be refilled on a timely basis for the vehicle’s proper maintenance.

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